Franger Meets Angels Reliever Troy Percival

Troy Percival and Franger Chicken

The coaches noticed Percy’s return throw to the mound is faster than the pitcher’s pitch.

Franger Chicken and Troy Percival

Franger Chicken talks with Troy about his baseball career.

Franger Chicken and Baseball

A Talking Chicken? It must be the altitude.

Percy's batting average is only 200 in the minors

Percy wonders if he’s dreaming. Franger sets him straight.


Troy Percival and Franger Chicken

Percival threw that memorable final World Series Game 7 pitch to the Giants’ Kenny Lofton, who lofted it to center fielder Darin Erstad, ending the Angels’ long run of post-season frustration.

Troy now coaches baseball at his high school alma mater, Moreno Valley.


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